Summer’s Not Over Yet: A Coconut Collaboration


A collaborative effort between home brewers Robert Masterson and Ryan Reschan, Rip Current Brewing‘s Paul Sangster and Guy Shobe, and Stone Brewing Co.‘s Mitch Steele, the R&R Coconut IPA is surprisingly fresh and tasty.

I say, “surprisingly,” because the only collaborative success I’ve come across with coconut flavor is the teamwork of crushed ice, a long straw, a bright sunny beach day, and a floppy hat. I was skeptical of R&R, but upon pouring, I was pleased to find only a gentle hint of tropical coconut – nothing overpowering, fake, and saccharine. In fact, I really had to get my nose in there to detect much at all.

craft beer stone collaboration rr coconut ipa


What my nose picked up first was bright hops and light citrus. Satisfied that this couldn’t possibly be an awful experience, I tasted it. While I wasn’t blown away by some unprecedented burst of glorious flavor, it was refreshing and had a nice flavor. Any coconut appeared at the beginning and swiftly disappeared for a finished clean finish with more citrus notes and slight sweetness. It tastes like a nice, basic, West Coast IPA. I’d definitely drink it again, and it would get extra points if I happened to be laying on a hammock at the time, rocking in the breeze. Overall, worth a shot, because summer.

They even have a sweet little video! Hear about it from the brewers themselves by clicking here.



Two beers from Baltimore’s Union Craft Brewing available in stores…this week!

(article from the Baltimore Sun’s Midnight Sun blog)

If you are a Baltimorean and a beer fan, you’re probably already digging the brews coming out of Union Craft Brewery. Now, two of their masterfully created beers will be available for purchase in retail stores, in 12oz cans. We’re entering crab feast season, and now there’s two new, delicious, local beers in cans? Nice move, Baltimore, nice move.  

Happy Spring (a day late)!

I realize that I didn’t wish the blog world a happy first day of Spring yesterday, but I thought today would do, and that today would also do as a good reason to open up a bottle of rosé.


Domaine de Fontsainte Gris de Gris. Light in body and color, floral aromatics, and just a whisper of strawberry flavor. Delicious. Oh, and it also comes in a 1.5L bottle as well – perfect for a gathering…or a long spring night.


Read more about rosé in another one of my posts.


NYTimes: Bordeaux’s Rebound?

Don’t call it a comeback. Been here for years.

This is an interesting piece by The New York Time’s wine critic Eric Asimov on a rising “counter culture” of Bordeaux lovers. Like bell-bottom jeans, and rompers (thanks Lena Dunham), is this old school standby returning? Asimov provides an interesting discussion of the topic, his article is certainly worth a read.

And Bordeaux is certainly work a drink! I’m entirely game to rock a romper and sip on a Bordeaux, and I’m glad to hear it returning to the realm of everyman reds. Chateau Lanessan of the Haut-Médoc was the first producer whose Bordeaux really turned my head. I’ve tasted a number of vintages, and truly enjoyed each of them. There is a lot of variety in Bordeaux, depending on the vineyard location, featured varietals, etc., so a good bet is to go to your favorite wine spot and ask for a recommendation.